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Pre-Order: Johnny's Stationeries / Shop Photos / Goods

All @ yukibells.livejournal.com!!

Pre-Order: Johnny's Postcard Sets & Jotter Books
-HSJ-themed Jotter Books
-Arashi, HSJ, Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri, Nakajima Yuto, Ikuta Toma, Yamapi, Tomapi-themed Postcard Sets

Pre-Order: Johnny's Shop Photos & Goods

Shop Photos
All orders comes with one piece of Johnny's Shop carrier and one piece of order sheet
- SGD2.90 per piece up to 10 pieces
- SGD2.75 per piece for more than 10 pieces
- SGD2.65 per piece for more than 25 pieces

Previews (Images do not belong to me)
ARASHI: Calling/Breathless / Popcorn / 31/10 Shop Photos / Your Eyes
NEWS: World Quest / Live Tour 2012
TEGOMASS: Sayonara Ni Sayonara
KAT-TUN: FACE To Face / 6/2 Shop Photos / Dream Boys / Fumetsu No Scrum / To The Limit
HSJ: Johnny's World Thanksgiving / World Tour Part 2 / World Tour Part 1 / 14/10 Shop Photos
K8: Crouton / 365 Nichi Kazoku / My Home
SEXY ZONE: Spring Con 2013 / Summary 2012 / Spring Con Live 2012

Feel free to request for any other available photos!

Papa Pics
I am happy to take in requests for Papa Pics at the same rate of Shop Photos, for 150 yen/pc Papa Pics.
If the Papa Pics turn out to be more than 150yen/pc, I will then collect the difference from you when I return.
Pls specify clearly at which event / con are the pics taken to ease hunting for them. E.g. Arashi Popcorn Tour, KT FtF PV etc ^^

Shop Goods
All orders of Shop Goods at a 20% commission - Items list

I can also help you to get any other fandom related / non-related items on a commission basis, email me!^^
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